Introduction and Insight to my Life

I know what you’re thinking……….. all these people with all these feelings suddenly want to share everything. I have to say I may fall into that category, but I don’t want to share for attention, and I don’t want to share what I am going through because I have no friends (although this is debatable). I want to share everything in my daily life to bring attention to the daily struggles of being a mother, a wife, and a transitioning veteran in to what we call the “civilian life”. I am not going to talk to you about budgeting and shopping for a family of 20 for $50 (although I love reading those posts!), I am not going to get crafty and show you how to make your own Christmas presents, and I am most certainly not going to give you cleaning tips as my house is in constant disarray. So let’s get started!

My name is Melly, I know, weird, and I am a 28-year-old mother to two beautiful rambunctious little boys ages 20 months and 3-year-old as well as a wife to the most wonderfully hilarious husband ever, Joe. Over the years I have contemplated writing about how my boys get into trouble at home, how I manage to get into every awkward situation in the book and how my husband just says the most inappropriate things imaginable, but I can never seem to truly put it into words. The truth is, blogging about stuff takes a lot of time, time which I normally don’t have, but since this is something I truly want to do I will take on this challenge and see it through (hopefully).

I was originally born in Mexico and brought over to the United States by my mother (Before you ask, yes, illegally). However, I have since then obtained my citizenship and am currently serving proudly in the United States Navy. Getting to where I am now was pretty ridiculously challenging to say the least, it is a long story filled with sadness, tears, separation, deportation (yes, deportation) and reunion. Needless to say, it was what has shaped me into the strong independent woman I am today and as awful and heart wrenching as it all was, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I will tell you more about my “Coming to America” story later on, but for now I want to just say “Welcome to my daily Life”! I hope that you stick around, for I have tons of experiences to share and questions to ask, I would absolutely love it if for a moment I could make you smile or bring a sense of feeling to your day. 🙂

Super Excited,


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