So, over the past few days I have begun searching for jobs, real jobs out there in the real world with real people who have degrees and resumes. Yes, I know it seems silly that a 28-year-old woman seems foreign to this whole idea but the military is what I know. Now, before you get all judgmental about people who join the military I will tell you this, yes I know how to write a resume, yes I have an AA and currently working on my BS, however, my resume appears weak and I have not applied for a job……..ever.

Now it has come to this, I want to get out of the military and take a shot at civilian life, and step one of civilian life is get a job. In writing my resume I found that everything that I do I do not know how to translate into a skill even though it is very important work. This is extremely frustrating as I am extremely dedicated, hardworking, and all around awesome! Yes I said it! I’m freaking awesome! I can take a crappy department/program/system and completely turn it around, but I can’t put that in a resume without sounding like an ass. So, my resume feels false, it doesn’t ring true to what I do and who I am, can people truly get a sense of how much of a hard worker I am from a piece of paper? I feel like I know NOTHING. However, as little as I know about finding a job and writing a resume there is one thing I do know, it is that I will be okay, I will provide for my family and find a job no matter what, because that’s the kind of person I am. I am not a quitter, I am not intimidated, I’m just a little scared, enough to push me forward. Knowing what you know is the first step towards getting where you want to be.

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