I spent my weekend resting, well not really. I was doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. But on my downtime I was able to watch The Fault In Our Stars (Spoiler Alert!!). I swear I wasn’t trying to be sad on purpose, I was curious. This movie got to that little corner of my mind that I am sure we all have, the place we don’t like to go to or think about because it is simply way to difficult to grasp.

No one likes to think about dying, about the love of your life dying, about what happens after we die. The thought is simply almost always way too much to bear. I don’t want to think about leaving my children behind, they are so beautiful. The thought of not having my husband makes my heart ache, I don’t like to think about stuff like that.

Last week I saw The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, woah! Message! Get off your butt and experience life! This movie however, was not about experiencing life by jumping out of airplanes, it was about being completely and absolutely content with the life you are currently living (even if you have never truly seen the world) , so happy with it that you have no regrets when you die. It was about loving one another deeply and without restrictions, and it got me crying like a baby. I was in tears, sobbing….ugly sobbing. I don’t sob, but when something moves me in such a way its like a river of tears. I hope that it is not just a fleeting moment, this feeling…..I hope that it follows me in life so that I can always remember to treasure the little things in life, and that I can see what is always right in front of me and not miss it while in search of something better.

If you have not seen it, do it, I may have spoiled it a bit (I’m sorry), but I cannot through these words make you feel what I felt, you have to see it :-).


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