Raising Kind Adults


I read an article on The Huffington Post written by Whitney Fleming  titled,  5BS Excuses Parents Make for Mean Girls .  It made me think about my own children, who whether I like it or not will have to join the nasty world where it is okay for children to tease each other and say and do mean things. What’s worse, are the parents who ignore it and even justify it. Mean children grow up to be mean adults, in a world where bullying is like a horrible decease that plagues society we as parents need to do more.  

 bullying pictures 7

I grew up in Los Angeles, and although the Latino Community there is incredibly large, I was still teased at school for not speaking English, I was taunted for the way my mother braided my hair, and I was the odd kid out through out Elementary school. As an adult, I am a strong independent woman with a voice, a voice that does not tolerate bullies (adults or children) and I am a proud servant to this country. How hypocritical would it be for me to allow my children to take advantage of others who are less fortunate and have no voice of their own when I am supposed to stand for freedom and democracy? The thought upsets me.

I love my boys, I cannot picture them causing harm because they are simply innocent children, but the world is not, and sometimes the world and its views reach our little ones. We cannot be oblivious to this and we must accept the fact that every child has a potential to be mean, to bully, to be bullied, taunted and hurt. Every child. Our job is to stop it dead in its tracks and teach our children to be kind to one another, to understand that not everyone is fortunate enough to have the nicest pair of sneakers (Read Mean Girls Make Fun of Little Girl’s Shoes ), that being kind is so much more rewarding than being unkind. We need to teach them. I hope that I do a well enough job with my own children so that they grow up to be kind adults. 


4 thoughts on “Raising Kind Adults

  1. I was often excluded from groups when at school and now work in a job where one of my main objectives is to encourage women to include those they don’t normally mix with. You are right that many of the habits that develop in children carry on into their adult years.

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