Mexico in Flames

I don’t often write about political turmoil or beliefs because it is difficult to weigh in on matters I do not fully understand. I am not an expert on the subject but I was born in Mexico and have family still living there, which is why this article titled, “Enough! Mexico Is Ready To Explode” posted on The World Post on October 28, 2014 caught my attention.

I didn’t know what I was reading, and the further I got along, the more I gasped and shook my head in disbelief! How is it that just south of our borders atrocities are being committed against the Mexican People and no one seems to be concerned about it?

To give you some insight, the article recaps the events that have brought the Mexican People to their boiling point and why they are on the verge of a revolution. I continued to read and was in utter disbelief when words like, “38 bodies found so far in 10 makeshift mass graves”, and “43 students were bundled into police cars and have now disappeared” covered my screen. Not to mention the hundreds and hundreds of bodies that have been found beheaded, burned, raped, tortured and unidentified (allegedly these murders have all been committed by the drug cartels who have infiltrated the government and corrupt police forces). Why do we turn a blind eye to Mexico? We look across the sea to make a difference when violence is knocking on the door right down south. I could not imagine ever in The United States people standing by as 43 students disappeared in the hands of authorities and no explanation to their whereabouts ever occurring. We would cry out for justice and demand their safe return, we would exhaust all resources until they were found, until justice was served. We would hope that someone would help us.


“If (as Goya said) the sleep of reason produces monsters, reason has been in a coma in Mexico.”

Please take a moment to read the articles linked in this post, I am not attempting to change your ideas and opinions about Mexico or Mexican People, I am asking you to simply learn about what is going on, pass it on, and pray for a moment for the people in Mexico, that they may find some sense of peace and justice in all of this. Remember, not everyone can sleep so soundly at night, kiss their children good night, or knows what will become of them tomorrow. Thank you.

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