The Inevitable

I previously wrote a post titled Slowing Down Time, it was meant to describe a time when I wanted to do something that was completely and utterly impossible, and just like slowing down time was not possible, change is yet another thing that I cannot stop. You can try with every ounce of strength, to shut yourself down and shut the world out but the truth is that change will happen regardless of whether you want it to or not. I don’t sit here and wish for that, because change is a part of my life, I welcome it with open arms and simply brace myself for impact. 


The time has come again for this Sailor to pack her bags and go to another unknown place full of strangers and new adventures; for my children to yet again find new friends and my husband to find another job. This is the life, the life that we chose, yet it always seems to catch us off guard. It is human nature to settle down in one place and call it home, to do the exact opposite is completely unnatural, yet it is exciting to go against it all. 

Change is inevitable…….but the thrill of meeting the inevitable is inexplicably exciting, so we embark on this journey one more time. 


2 thoughts on “The Inevitable

  1. Hey, I read a few of your posts. I definitely feel you on a lot of it! I see this is kinda old, so I hope you haven’t abandoned this blog; but maybe you’re busy on cruise or something, in which case I’ll just wish you fair winds and following seas & hope you’re not going through INSURV or something. Lol! 😀


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