Potty Training….Again

Were potty training…..the kid this time. He pooped in his underwear, he then decided he was going to keep it a secret…..went to the bedroom and took off his underwear that weighed about half a lb of poop and then sat down on the carpet. You see, two year olds don’t have the balance required to change their underwear standing up, so yes, he sat down on the carpet, might I add they also don’t understand the concept of wiping their ass, so his bare poop smeared butt just plopped on my carpet to change into a second set of clean underwear. Then he went back to his playroom to watch tv. Meanwhile while Jose Ramirez and I are eating our dinner when the dog runs up to us and Joe points out his breath smells like poop….đŸ˜³ I immediately rush into the playroom and ask Aaron if he pooped and he says “no”. I know he’s lying so I walk into their bedroom to find a half lb of poop on the floor, a poop smeared underwear, poop smeared rug, and then check my kids “clean” underwear to find he’s still holding 1/2 lb of poop in there. I said it before and I will say it again, avoid potty training….it’s not worth it. #bathtime#MomLife  #Marstheaccomplice 



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